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About Us

Welcome to our About Us section. As you are here to know more about us we will give you complete detail. From our inception to our goals, you will get to know everything here. So let’s begin.

Net Med Store USA is the most trusted online pharmacy in the USA and without any doubt the fastest growing online store too. We come up with the idea of creating a Net Med Store after realizing that people are facing lots of trouble when it comes to buying prescription medicine online. It is not like generic medicines are not available to buy online but the problem is one needs to show a prescription first. Is it something wrong with it? Obviously not, but such portals generally charge a lot. Apart from that because one needs to submit a prescription sometimes it may take a longer time to process the request than usual.

To overcome such a problem we have introduced Net Med Store that primarily focuses on delivering high-quality medicine at affordable prices. The main USP of our portal is we don’t ask for a prescription. In this, Most of you might have thought something like people will misuse our portal. Well, we already aware of this fact. And you will be glad to know that we put our best to track our orders to ensure that the right people or people who actually need the prescription get the drugs from our portal.

We let our customers buy generic medicine from our portal by assuming that they already have their prescriptions. If you are reading this and planning to buy medicine without actually having a prescription then make a note that you can suffer from side effects. All the medicines available at our portal are available at prescription. Now you definitely don’t need to know why you should don’t consume prescription medicine without getting a consultation from your doctor.

When you use our portal to buy medicine without a prescription we strongly recommend you to have a prescription from your doctor in advance. We are not encouraging our users to buy medicine from our portal especially when they have a prescription. We are recommending this so that no one faces any trouble like a side effects, addiction, overdose, etc. using prescription medicine.

Now coming to the pricing then we give our customers complete freedom to get their medicine from our Net Med Store at wholesale price. If you ask for a reason then know that we don’t have any middlemen that help us to keep the medicine price as low as possible.

We hope you love to know about us. Now if you have any other concerns and have any questions about Net Med Store USA then feel free to use the Contact Us page to reach us and get your answer.