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Exercises to Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction?

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As you are here to know about the types of exercises that can help you to eliminate erectile dysfunction then, first of all, you need to know whether exercise really helps you in treating erectile dysfunction as most of the people taking Viagra or Cialis like medicines to treat their ED problems. Well, don’t worry exercise definitely helps you in treating ED but the condition is you need to follow the right type of exercises to get a better result.

First of all, know the risk factors and causes that are responsible for ED; obesity, metabolic syndrome, stroke, smoking, cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, low levels of physical activity, and alcohol drinking.

If you visit a doctor then most probably he will recommend your phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors like Cialis or Viagra. Apart from that, some lifestyle changes like doing regular exercise, weight loss are double up the chances of curing your ED problem.

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Types of Exercises You Need to Follow to Treat Your ED Problem

Sitting Pelvic Floor Activation

  • Sit with the help of the arms, keep them at the sides. Make sure your feet are on level and hip-width apart.
  • Following the same method as mentioned above, begin the pelvic floor muscles on a count of 3 and then release after counting 3.
  • Make sure that buttocks, leg, and stomach muscles are not contracting.

Knee fallouts

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  • You can start with knee fallouts exercise as it can be used by beginners and also considered a beginners’ exercise as it involves small movements.
  • Bent your knees and lie down, keep the feet level on the floor. And keep the arms by the sides.
  • You should keep your spine in a neutral position. You need to maintain as much small space as you can between your back’s middle and the floor.
  • Breathe out and compress the pelvic floor muscles. And then slowly lower one side knee to the floor. Don’t put lots of pressure just take it to the extend that is possible for you. You need to do it while maintaining the activation of the pelvic floor muscles. Apart from that, keep the pelvis stable.
  • Breathe in and slowly release the muscles, and bend your knee again.
  • Repeat the process with the other side.
  • In the beginning, you can do 4 to 5 repetitions and further take it to 10 or more depending on your strength.

Expert Recommendation

You can get started with these two exercises. Furthermore, you can do more types of exercises to treat your ED problem. To get most from your efforts make sure to follow pelvic floor exercises that are also known as Kegels. Kegels exercises are considered one of the most beneficial exercises to treat erectile dysfunction problems.

There are many videos available on YouTube that you can follow. In this, we recommend you take guidance from an expert especially if you want to get the result more frequently. Meanwhile, if you think exercise is not your cup of tea then you can buy Cialis or Viagra to treat your ED problem. You can buy it without prescription from a trusted source like Net Med Store USA. Have any questions for us? Let us know in the below comment section.

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