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How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Really Need?

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Do you know there is quite a huge difference between the amount of sleep you can easily attain and the actual amount of sleep you require to function optimally? According to the research done by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), an average adult generally sleeps less than 7 hours per night. If it sounds ideal to you especially when you consider today’s fast-moving life then know that it can be further responsible for chronic sleep deprivation.

Make a note that there is not any specific or ideal sleeping time. It generally varies from person to person. For instance, most of the adults feel good after getting 7-9 hours of sleep. Coming to kids then they may require more sleep. Now, as per the belief, we need more sleep when we are getting older but know that for older people 7 hours of sleep is enough.

The reason why people saying that we need more sleep when we are getting old because most of the old people face trouble sleeping and because of that they feel less energy in the daytime.

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Here is a table that will tell you the average sleep needs by age. Keep in mind that below sleep needs are basis on average so do not feel worried if you get more or less sleep. It is okay as long as you don’t feel any kind of tiredness or low energy in the daytime.

Age Hours Needed May Be Required
New born to 2 months old 14 -17 hours 11 – 19 hours
4 to 11 months old 12 – 15 hours 10 – 18 hours
1 to 2 years old 11 – 14 hours 9 – 6 hours
3 to 5 years old 10 – 13 hours 8 – 14 hours
6 to 13 years old 9 – 11 hours 7 – 12 hours
14 to 17 years old 8 – 10 hours 7 – 11 hours
18 to 25 years old (young adults) 7 – 9 hours 6 – 11 hours
26 to 64 years old (Adults) 7 – 9 hours 6 – 10 hours
65+ years old (Older Adults) 7 – 8 hours 5 – 9 hours
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We hope you find the table helpful. Now check out the signs that indicate that you are not getting enough sleep.

  • You do lots of struggle to getting off your bed
  • On the weekends you can resist yourself from sleeping in the daytime
  • While watching TV or relaxing in the evening you generally fall asleep
  • You fall asleep as soon as you go to bed
  • After having heavy meals or while driving you feel drowsy
  • You feel that you need a quick nap whole day
  • In the afternoon you feel sluggish
  • Get sleepy in warm rooms, lectures, or meetings
  • You hit the snooze button again and again
  • You need an alarm clock and without it, you can’t wake up

If you have any of the above signs then you need to consult your doctor. Apart from that if you are suffering from sleep apnea, narcolepsy or shift work sleep disorder then we recommend you to buy Modafinil from Net Med Store ( Feel free to ask if you have any questions for us.

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